Frequently asked questions

How long does it take for me to receive my online order?

Due to the pandemic (COVID-19), we are experiencing delays in processing and shipping your orders. Please allow 10-15 business days, not including weekends and holidays to receive your order! If you order on the weekend your order will begin processing on the next business day. We will do our best to ship your order as soon as possible. Feel free to email us at lakeandprosper@gmail.com with any questions.

How do I place a custom jewelry order?

There is a $50 deposit for all custom orders. Upon receipt of your deposit you will receive an email from Lake&Prosper to discuss the specifics of your request. The deposit will be applied to your orders total. Once your request has been confirmed we will begin working on your jewelry at this time your deposit will be non-refundable. When complete you will have a chance to confirm your design and the remaining balance will be due before shipping. NOTE: There are no returns or refunds for custom orders. More questions? Please email us at lakeandprosper@gmail.com

How do I choose my bracelet size?

Because our pieces are handmade to order you will need to measure your wrist. You may do this with a tape measure. If you don't have tape measure available, wrap a piece of string around your wrist (right above the wrist bone) and measure the length with a ruler. You may add half an inch to an inch, depending how loose you like your bracelet. We suggest adding an inch to bracelets with charms and half an inch to bracelets without a charm.​

I saw a design on your social media but it's not on the site, can I order it?

If you saw a piece or set on our social media we may be able to create it again, unless it was a exclusive design and is sold out. Just send us an email at lakeandprosper@gmail.com with the picture. Also, if you want a certain piece modified (gemstone changed or charm added) or just want one bracelet out of the set we may be able to assist with that as we

Do gemstones really heal?

We are not medical professionals and we don't resume the responsibility for any diagnosis that you may have. However there are many who believe that gemstones carry many healing and metaphysical properties. This does not mean that those healing properties will work for you or any complications you may have. For medical attention always seek a healthcare professional.

My jewelry broke....what do I do?

We understand that jewelry breaks, it's inevitable. If you have your jewelery for less than 30 days we will do a one time complimentary repair. You the customer will be responsible for the shipping. Any jewelry that is broken after 30 days will have to be replaced at the regular price. Note: Please send the as many as the original material used back with your shipment.