12 MM  Petrified Wood Jasper and Black Onyx bracelet with Brown Opal focal (may vary in color)

Petrified wood helps the wearer in restoring physical energy and works well in alleviating problems related to hip and back. Stabilizing the health issues and the body’s defenses are some of the healing properties that petrified wood offers to the wearer.

It is believed that it engenders calm and promotes contentment within the wearer’s life. A sense of healthy roots or healthy body can be attained with the powerful energies of this fossilized stone.

Black-Brown Opal clears and strengthens, protects the emotional body and provides strength to the physical body. Black-Brown Opal acts as a general tonic for the Base and Sacral Chakras. In shamanic journeys, Black-Brown Opal acts as grounding and centering stone.